Pet Sitting Services

These are services that we may be able to offer at some point next year:

Pet sitting services - in your own home

Dog Walking


We understand how difficult it is combining work and caring for your pets, or having someone to look after them while you are away on holiday, or a day out, perhaps for a wedding or simply just to take your children somewhere special where dogs aren't allowed.  

Tom, my husband, has had many years of experience of caring for his own dogs, and he particularly loves giant dogs like Great Danes and Irish Wolf Hounds.  As an ex-firefighter, he was always the member of the crew who was called upon to deal with any dogs at fire and rescues, or road traffic accidents, so is used to dealing with nervous or fearful animals.  He just has a knack of being able to get dogs to do exactly what he needs them to do, which he demonstrated while training our own dogs, other family members' dogs, and those he has been invited to assist with while out walking.  His background has been working as a Firefighter with the West Midlands Fire Service for 28 years, and as a Teaching Assistant in a large Secondary school for 14 years.

I also have many years experience of caring for our own dogs and cats, we have also kept rabbits and hamsters during the time that our children were growing up.  My background has been working as a Civil Servant for 21 years, and then for 16 years as a Teaching Assistant in a large Secondary School.

We both have current DBS checks.

Dog walking, pop-ins and pet sitting in your home own, are services that we would like to be able to offer in the future. More details will be available here later, but please contact me using the email facility at the bottom of the Home page if you may be interested.